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1,771 Checkmates

Download both Chessbase archive and PGN formats of our file with 1,771 checkmates from Slow Chess League play through 6/12/2016. More than 1 out of every 5 games in the Slow Chess League ends in checkmate or a forced mate position. Finding mates is a good skill to know, not just to inflict on your opponents, but to avoid being a victim yourself! Great study material!

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July Signups

Watch for July signups to open soon for play beginning on Monday, July 4. G/45+45, G/90+30, G/25+10, Single, Double, Back-to-Back …. lots of choices. OTB-style or Fair Play. Watch for a new special option for July play.

Need a game for next week? Signups are always open for an upcoming Weekly Random event. G/45+45, G/90+30, G/25+10 B2B …. each randomly paired. Or just try Game Finder. Easy Play.

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