New Players

Congratulations to our newest qualified league players:

kalilov, Sean Clark, Jay Roy Hall, David A. Bardsley, Christian Bloszies, Mark Leonard, nikon, drchessdad, and chesster3145.

You are now all eligible to sign up for our regular tournaments or weekly events. Welcome to the Slow Chess League!

Weekly Random

Did you miss out on the Big Random Mess? Now we are offering a weekly event with random pairing, your choice of G/45+45, G/90+30, or G/25+10 B2B. Qualified league players can edit their profile now to sign up for next week. Each week the signups will close at 22:00 League Time on Fridays for the upcoming week’s pairings.

Note that this event is not a tournament. No special rules for colors, etc. are used.

And even if you miss the weekly signups, you can still use Game Finder to get an opponent.

Pairings are Posted

Pairings have been posted for the Big Random Mess. Click on the My Tournament Games button on our front page to get a link to your Game Topic. Remember that the minimum offer deadline is 23:59 League Time on Tuesday.

Signup are still open for our June League Qualifier and Tournament Series. Sign up now.

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