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Moving Day!

Moving Day
Our Weekly event sponsored by the Dan Heisman Learning Center is moving here to our new website! It’s a great way to get a game in any week without having to commit to a multiple week tournament. You sign up, get paired, negotiate, and play your game just like a regular league round. Pairings are 1-2 style matching players with similar ratings. Since it isn’t a multi-week tournament, you may get matched with the same player in different weeks and are not guaranteed balanced colors.

The first tournament here at our new site will be for the week beginning on Monday, February 2.

Here’s the procedure for signing up: just edit the new signup area in your profile. If you haven’t already, join the League website. Then, from the menu in the upper right of your screen that says Howdy, highlight Profile and then choose Edit. You’ll see several tabs; you’ll need to choose Weekly Signups. Then just check the box(es) for the week(s) and time control(s) that you’d like to sign up for and also that you’ve read the rules (you must read them). Be sure to click on Save Changes when done. You can then check to be sure you’ve done it right by viewing your profile and looking for the checkboxes. Don’t worry about invitations for groups to join, that’s all taken care of for you. Signups will remain open each week until Saturday.

Remember, in order to sign up you must be a member here of the Slow Chess League, a member of, and a member of the Dan Heisman Learning Center.

There are lot’s of new features here at our new site and we’ll get to try some of them out in this event. This is going to be fun!