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Multiple Games with the Same Opponent

With so many players signing up for multiple tournament sections, it’s becoming more and more common for players to be paired together more than once in a single week. And our new Quad Double format always means two games per week against the same opponent. So, how can you make reasonable offers and still stay within the rules?

Here’s the outline for a new (optional) rule on this that has just been published:

Players who are paired with each other for more than one game in a playing week may make offers equal to 2 plus the number of pairings. So, if you are paired with someone in 2 games for the week, you need 4 offers. If you are paired with them for 3 games, then you need 5 offers. Other rules still apply, such as no more than 2 of the offers may be for the same date. Just copy your total offers in each of the game forums against this player with the note that the times are good for all pairings, but not for 2 games at the same time. In other words, your opponent then cannot accept the same time for 2 different games. You can’t be forced to accept simultaneous games. For this option a range of times does not count as multiple offers. So, instead of offering 13:00-16:00 for example, offer both 13:00 and 16:00 as separate times instead. This prevents an acceptance in the middle of the range from negating more than one offer and also prevents an opponent from accepting 2 times very close together.

The idea here is that there will always be enough offers to make a minimum of 3. For example, you are paired with someone for 3 games. You make 5 offers as required by these rules. They accept one of the offers, so you are left with 4 offers with 2 games left to schedule. Then suppose they accept one of your other offers. That will leave 3 offers available for 1 game left to schedule. So, this is a streamlined way to schedule multiple games against a single opponent, but is equally as fair as the rules for a single pairing.

You are strongly discouraged then from offering any of these same times to another opponent as you might likely get yourself in a situation without enough offers and could cause yourself multiple forfeits resulting in suspension.

Of course, you can still make your offers under the existing rules being careful to keep the minimum required for each Game Topic. It’s up to you.

3 thoughts on “Multiple Games with the Same Opponent”

  1. If I understand it right … You may offer 5 offers / game against the same opponent and no more as 2 games on the same day with a minimum of 3 hours between the games! But can we just copy these 5 offers and sen it to the same opponent, with the message that the games may not clash? p.a. if You play 3 games the same opponent?

  2. For two games with the same opponent you need four offers, with three games you need five offers. You can just copy those offers (with the note that you don’t want two games at the same time) into each of the Game Topics with that opponent.

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