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Game Time

Here’s a new way to challenge your opponent for your scheduled game without looking all over to find them. Suppose that you are scheduled to play a game on against SirIvanhoe with a time control of G/90+30, white pieces for you. Just type this into the message box on the live server at your scheduled time:

/challenge sirivanhoe 90 30 rated white

That’s it! A challenge will be issued to me, even if I’m not online yet! You’ll see if you’ve got it right as it should cause a line describing the challenge to appear right under the Play button with a flashing icon. If I am online at (even if not in Live) or if I have alerts for enabled on my phone, I’ll even get a real time alert of the challenge! The same works for any player that you challenge.

9 thoughts on “Game Time”

  1. This seems very useful, the only thing I don’t like is with the interface for v3 I don’t see a simple way to get a list of who is already there. Just the number of others is displayed, but no list of names.

  2. TheInimitableKan,

    Yes, that’s how it looks to me too. I’ve turned in a support ticket on that and hope they’ll consider fixing it. There’s also no way that I can see to get a simple list of all games now, including the ability to sort by time control as we can with V2. So you really have to learn to do things like use slash commands to observe a player, etc.

  3. Hi
    I don’t see any reference to V3 at or how to switch from V2.
    Have been looking through the setups etc.
    Do I miss something?
    Regards, Kausika

  4. Bob, great article, never considered using phone browser instead of mobile app, I’ll check it out.

    Hopefully I’ll be able to get back to SCL tournaments this year. Work has been crazy and super busy lately for over a year now.

    Maybe these tips should be in the newsletter?

    Take care,
    + + harvey

  5. Thanks, Harvey. Using the phone browser with V3 instead of the app solves a couple of problems. First, you can select a G/90+30 time control. Secondly, you can select your assigned color (though it can be tricky till you know how).

    Hope we will see you in a tournament again soon. And you are right, I think, about this being a good subject for the newsletter.


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