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SCL 30 Day Challenge

This series idea was inspired by the 30 day challenge which RandomJeff made for himself in September, 2019. (You are following his blog and progress on, right?)

Our challenge will operate with these rules:

  • The challenge is to play at least 10, 20, or even 30 slow chess games in 30 days.
  • Only SCL qualified players can sign up for the challenge, but games may be played against any member of our SCL website or the Slow Chess League or Dan Heisman Learning Center clubs on regardless of qualification.
  • There are no rating restrictions on the Challenge players or their opponents.
  • Sign up for the Challenge, or just negotiate for a game against one of the Challenge players. Now there’s a great way to just pick up an extra game whenever you’re going to have some extra time.
  • Regular SCL tournament games played during the challenge can count toward the challenge.
  • Games must be played at a time control of G/45+45 or G/90+30.
  • Colors may be agreed or random as agreed by the players.
  • No games will count in which a draw is agreed before move 20 or in which there are less than 10 moves played regardless of result.
  • Only games played within the Challenge dates will count. Challenge days will be measured using League Time.
  • Only a maximum of 4 games against a single opponent can count toward the Challenge.
  • Games must be played on the live server.
  • The SCL will offer a game forum for negotiating play, but this is optional for negotiation and players may arrange games for the Challenge in any way they choose (for example, direct negotiations via messaging is fine). However, game results should be reported in the forum in order to count toward the Challenge. (The TD will pick up the game scores as in our regular league play and will count the number of games played.)

UPDATEYou can see Jeff’s current challenge now. Check out My Tournament Games (it’s listed there so you can try to arrange a game with him) or look at the regular Tournament Board. Remember that you don’t need to be a qualified league player to get a game with him!

Details are still being worked out to hopefully offer a first Challenge for November 2019. Please give your comment below to add ideas, express your general interest, etc.

11 thoughts on “SCL 30 Day Challenge”

  1. That’s very, very interesting! 30 days a day for 30 days sounds like a big challenge! Isn’t that a bit too much 🙂

    What would the purpose of such a challenge be? To popularize our SCL league? To help us improve our game or both?

    I’m definitely interested in taking part, though I’m not really sure if I can do THIRTY games!


    • Mostly it just seems like something that players might want to try. I know that RandomJeff has been getting inquiries from players who like his idea (check out his blog about this linked in the article). We are all about slow play here (as recommended by Dan Heisman for improvement) and any idea that promotes more such play seems like a good fit for our league.

      I’d also note that entering the challenge isn’t the only way you can participate. You can simply browse the list of players who have entered the challenge and negotiate for games without entering the challenge yourself. So this will also just be a way to get more games with very few other rules to have to follow.

    • Another idea that members might consider: we could offer levels of achievement. So for example, you can achieve at the level of 10 games, 20 games, 30 games for the Challenge. I’m working on ideas for recognizing Challenge successes, such as badges on the Profiles, so this might be doable.

  2. Indeed, I made a challenge to myself to play 30 games in 30 days as motivation to get in a lot of serious chess and get back to playing regularly. I think that the suggestions that there be different levels (other than 30 games) is a good one. The idea is to provide a motivation, not make it something out of reach.

    So, let’s play chess!

  3. I will probably not be participating in the challenge itself, but would be more than happy to play games with people who are participating (or anyone else for that matter.)

    • I think most players will go this route because it will be a great way to get extra games without any hassle. But some will want to be challenged to make a goal.

  4. That’s very good idea, SirIvanhoe, I’m apreciate.

    Two things from me:

    – I agree, that challenges to choice can be less – like 10 or 20 games. I understand, it meaning challenge for example 20 games within 20 days. Suggestion from me is to consider challenge like 20 games within 30 days – it will give an opportunity not to play every day (most of us have work, family – you know, what i mean 🙂 )

    – I’m not sure, If the rule of playing only with SCL/DHLC will be sufficient to find opponents. I was looking for opponents using club chat or forum and it was ok to find players for a few games… But to find for 30? I do’nt think so. So i propose a rule allowing some “external” opponents.

    • The idea I had in mind was 10 or 20 or 30 games, however many you achieve in the end, always over 30 days. So you don’t have to choose ahead of time. You just sign up for the 30 Day Challenge, play as many games as you can, and then you are awarded for reaching whatever level of achievement that you do.

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