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Find Players by Time Zone

A new feature has been added. Check out Members from our menu. Now there’s an option to condition the list according to player time zone preferences. Note that this info is sometimes missing or for various reasons inaccurate. But it is generally very helpful in finding possible opponents that may be easier for you to schedule with. (Note that we have in the past used this to prioritize pairings in our swiss tournaments, but there are currently not enough participants in a single section for this to be practical.) This new feature should be particularly helpful for players working on monthly 30 Day Challenges.

2 thoughts on “Find Players by Time Zone”

    • Separate sections invariably ends with some sections not having enough players. But what we’ve done in the past instead is to use those preferences to prioritize pairings accordingly. (Our pairing software has features for this.) This generally solves that issue. But again, this has been less and less practical with falling player counts. The tendency in small sections is for those priorities to result in less than ideal pairings and therefore less than ideal results (in terms of fairness of winners, etc.). And also, we had a lot of troubles with players either selecting “all” or selecting the section which they thought would have the most players rather than their true time zones. It must be noted that not all players thought that being paired mostly in a single time zone area was a “feature”. The effect can be to always pair you with the same people every month. And, for example, a player from the eastern U.S. timezone with some afternoon free time might find it easier to negotiate with a European player than one that lives on the west coast of the U.S.. It really is a much more complex issue than it might appear at first glance.

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