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Message from ForwardChess

Here’s a message I’ve received from Lenny at FowardChess for us:

Greetings from Forward Chess!

We are working with Dan Heisman on a few things related to his books and I thought your group might be interested in hearing about it.
Dan just recorded a video (a part of our series Author Files) about one of his books, World’s Most Instructive Amateur Game Book, illustrating a few things from it.
The video is here:

There is a promotion related to the video – 40% discount off any (all) of Dan’s books on the Forward Chess platform from our webstore. (Note that the discount is in the Forward Chess webstore (shopping cart screen) only. Mobile app stores (Google Play and iTunes) don’t allow this type of stuff.) There are seven books by Dan there, from multiple publishers.
The coupon code is DANH, it is valid through December 15.