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After almost 8 years of running the Slow Chess League, I’ll be ending our negotiated time tournaments. There will be no signups for next month. I’ve worked hard to serve a need that I saw in the online chess community, but now it is time for other people and other things to carry on.

The website will remain for now, but may eventually close without notice. Our Slow Chess League club on will remain open and is now hosting live tournaments which I encourage all to participate in.

24 thoughts on “Announcement”

  1. Bob, thank you so much for creating and running the Slow Chess League!

    I’ve played many exciting, fun, and challenging games over the past several years, thanks to the SCL.

    I wish you the best. Thanks again.

    Gene Osegovic

  2. Thank You SirIvanhoe, for Your invaluable effort, running the SCL for so long! It has been really important for all of us, to play negotiated slow chess games.

    I truly understand, that You want to do something else after 8 years of service.

    For a moment I even considered if I could help to organize the SCL, but unfortunately I am simply too busy with work.

    I wish You all the best!


  3. Bummer to read this. I understand it involves a lot of your time. Thank you for doing this as long as you did—I’ll miss a regular weekly 45/45 game.


  4. Bob,
    Thanks for your dedication and hard work in founding the Slow Chess League and then running it all of these years. Best wishes for the future.

  5. Thanks SirIvanhoe for running slow chess league. It’s been quite a remarkable past 3-4 years since I’ve played here. I’ve had many wonderful games (including one against yourself- a fighting draw) and I sincerely thank you for it.


  6. Want to add my appreciation as well. I joined SCL around 8 years ago while living in an area with few OTB tournaments. Recently I did a similar move, so have been active again (although lately not playing so well, heh). It’s been a great resource and I thank you for all your work organizing the tournaments.

  7. Oh… I haven’t been here for too long, but playing a weekly slow game here was definitely an incredible and unique opportunity to improve my chess. I’ll miss it a lot 🙁 Thank you for your immense dedication and your hard work, Bob. Stay safe and may your future be as bright as the sun 🙂


  8. Although I joined SCL just a few month ago, I understand what a awfull lot of work it must have been for you! And all for the good case of serious and creative chess playing. Thank you SirIvanhoe.


  9. Thank you. It’s a pity but thanks for the short time I have been playing on the site. All the best to you and please let us know if you decide to get it going again in the future. All the best.

  10. I’m very sad to hear SCL is going down. But I’ll sob later, let me say just this now: Bob, this site, run by your bona-fide efforts, has truly changed my life: it has been the only place I could find the thrill of slow chess games, and it’s been so much fun (and agony! but that’s only because I suck at the game :)). I treated these slow games as a sort of meditation, it has helped me keep myself sane and social in difficult periods. I’m very grateful for all the work you’ve done for the online chess community. You have made a huge difference. Thank you, and good luck in your future projects!

  11. Thank you for running the site. Without it, I would not have had the opportunity to play a long game since I live in rural America. I hope somehow/someones will continue the effort. Please, everyone who plays a slow game, friend me on cannman

    Thank you ^_^

  12. Although I only knew the SCL for a few months, I loved it since the begining. It was my only way to be able to play slow chess tournaments games in my city. I will miss the league.

    Thank you for the experience and good luck!

  13. To everyone who would like to see the SCL continue, or who would be interested in playing negotiated-time slow chess games on another platform:

    I asked the support team at whether negotiated-time tournaments are supported on The short answer was no. However, the support team acknowledged the idea has merit, and the idea has been passed on to’s developers for consideration.

    With respect to keeping the SCL active, we need someone willing to take on the roles previously filled by Bob/SirIvanhoe. It’s been about a week since Bob announced he is stepping down. So far, no one has publicly offered to take Bob’s place. Assuming no one is privately negotiating to take over the roles of tournament director and administrator, that probably means no one is prepared to take on these roles.

    I can think of at least two obstacles that may be causing a potential replacement TD/administrator to shy away. First, there is the annual maintenance cost for the SCL website, approximately two-hundred dollars. Second, tracking the start times of all of the games is very time-consuming.

    I came up with a possible solution, which is to use Tournamatic’s tournament management website, located at Quoting from the Tournamagic website, “We automate your registrations, process entry fee payments, simplify the scheduling process and offer a reliable source of information. During the tournament, you can record the scores online. Standings and brackets automatically update as new scores arrive.” For the SCL, there may be a need to override the match times with the negotiated times set by the players. And a TD would still need to enforce rules, such as resolving conflicts. But we would not need to maintain the old SCL website, so its maintenance and cost would drop out of the picture.

    The potential challenge is Tournamagic charges two fees. There is a credit card fee of 2.9% + $0.30 that comes out of each player’s entrance fee. And there is Tournamgic’s service fee, which is one to four percent of each tournaments’ gross revenue.

    If Tournamagic is used, SCL members would need to pay an entrance fee for each tournament in which they participate. Here is a example for how this could work for each monthly SCL tournament section:
    • Thirty players assumed as entrants
    • SCL charges entry fee of two dollars to each player for that section
    • Gross revenue equals $60 (30×2)
    • Credit card fee equals 35.8 cents for each player (2.9% of $2 entry fee, plus 30 cents)
    • Tournamagic service fee equals $2.60 for the tournament ($60 gross revenue times 4 percent), or 8 cents, per player
    • The SCL tournament director, who sets up and manages each tournament, earns $60 gross revenue (30x$2), minus $13.14 gross credit charge amount (43.8 cents times thirty players), minus $2.40 Tournamagic service fee ($60 x .04), leaving a payout of $44.46 for that section for that month.

    The entrance fee could be adjusted, perhaps down to one dollar for each game. I would be willing to one to several dollars for each SCL tournament section that I enter each month, so I think these numbers are all reasonable. And I think the tournament director should receive some monetary compensation for his or her time and trouble to run the league.

    I do not have the time to set up the tournaments, adjust game starting times to match the times negotiated between the players, and handle tournament director responsibilities. But perhaps someone else does?!


  14. I’ve only played here for 7/8 months and had no idea it had been running for 8 years. It’s a great concept and has been great for my chess. Many thanks to SirIvanhoe for the effort put into this over such a long period.

  15. It’s amazing the time that TD’s put in to keep league’s / clubs running for so long… After a while it must take its toll on them.

    So, a fee for each tournament that you enter makes all the sense in the world. Especially, if it’s a small fee like a single dollar.

    I’m in favor of generating compensation for the person actually running these tournaments! And you?

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