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The Slow Chess League is the place for slow chess on the internet. We’ve been organizing slow live chess play on at the Dan Heisman Learning Center group since 2012, the first to ever organize slow live chess on that server. Over 9,500 slow chess games have already been played in our negotiated time tournaments.

There are 3 ways to play in our league. First, we offer NT (negotiated time) tournament events for slow live chess players on We define slow chess as live games played online at time controls greater than G/30, usually G/45+5, G/45+45, or G/90+30. We offer swiss-style individual and team events as well as other formats.

After joining the Slow Chess League, watch for NT (negotiated time) tournament signup announcements or check the Upcoming Events calendar. For events, players must be members of the Dan Heisman Learning Center group on and successfully complete a League Qualifier tournament.

We also now offer Live Club Tournaments on via our Slow Chess League club there. Just join our club and you’ll see our tournaments listed on the live server and be able to join and play. Note that membership in our club for live tournaments requires 30+ days membership and 20+ rated games against 10+ opponents. More than 1,350 games have already been played in this format at time controls of G/25+10 and G/45+5.

Brand NewLive Club Match play. Join our Slow Chess League club on, and then join one of our 4 color team clubs. The teams play matches against each other at time controls of G/45+5 and G/45+45, organized like the daily matches on You play two game in the match, one with each color. This option is currently inactive, though we may occasionally play club matches against individual other clubs.

Only one place on the internet offers all of these features in one place – the Slow Chess League. Please join us by clicking Register in the upper left hand corner of your screen and following the prompts. Or Log In if you are already a member.


Webmaster and League Administrator / TD – SirIvanhoe

League Qualifier Pairing TD  – Eternal Patzer