Beta Swiss #1 Begins


Pairings for round 1 of Beta Swiss #1 on the Live server are up! If you have signed up you should click on Players on the menu and go to the private playing group to find your game forum. Or, use the pulldown menus under your name in the upper right corner to find your way. Watch the agenda-style calendar in the sidebar for these and other upcoming Slow Chess League games that you can follow (or look at a bigger version of the calendar by choosing Calendar on the ribbon menu above).

7,000 Members!


The Dan Heisman Learning Center at has surpassed 7,000 members! It was really hard to imagine a number that big the day that Eternal_Patzer began the group. But here we are now 7,000 members strong, an exclusive DHLC shop, a great newsletter, a variety of ‘online’ chess activities including tournaments, matches, and vote chess, an active Slow Chess League, and now even experimenting with our own website for expanding our slow chess activities! Congratulations to Eternal_Patzer and Dan Heisman, all of the TD’s and admin’s who make it all work, and to every single member who enjoys what has become of it all.

Beta Swiss #1

Signups are now OPEN for Beta Swiss #1 on the server!!!

This will be a 3 round, G/45+45 tournament for DHLC Qualified players only. Games will be scheduled here and played on the Live Server.

Our goal is to test out and shake down the forums server support on this site to see if it has the potential to improve on for organizing and scheduling Slow Chess Tournaments.

For now we are just testing the forums for negotiating and scheduling. If you’d like to help with this experiment and get some good games with quality DHLC opponents, sign up by going to the Players group from the menu above (join if you haven’t yet) and posting your reply to the sign-up topic. This is going to be great!!!

King’s Indian Attack

Here’s an interesting game from yesterday’s league play that was anno-fritzed by SirIvanhoe’s desktop computer in its spare time:


We’ve just added a new feature …. download files! Now you’ll be able to download files from the league website. To start, we have the last archive file with chessbase and pgn formats available (updated version coming soon). Check it out on the menu above. Please note that downloads are available to members only.

Watching League Games

Watching league games or reviewing them later is a great way to have fun and to improve your own game. Our calendar makes it easy to find games being played. Here’s an interesting league game played today on the Live server.

To test our options, here’s the same game displayed using a different tool. Hover over the squares for additional functionality.

A League of Our Own

Our own website with our own URL, our own social media features, our own forums, our own groups, and even multiple supported chess servers … how cool is that? You’ll see the difference from the start, but we’ll also be able to add new features and functionality regularly. We’ll have room to keep growing and improving. It’s going to continue to be great fun!

Test Post (just pretend I’m not here)

This is a test post for demonstrating the inclusion of video (in this case YouTube)

And, here’s another way for presenting game scores:

Testing pgn loading from an uploaded file (Botvinnik – 100 Selected Games):

Testing pgn loading from an uploaded file (twic 1045):

Testing pgn loading from an uploaded file (Slow Chess League Archive!)

And here’s a test of the daily chess puzzle from Chess Tempo (it’s too wide in the smallest piece size for the sidebar):

Play Computer

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