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New Game Finder Option

Blue Chess

For those who decide on comparatively short notice that they’d like a slow game of chess with another Slow Chess League player, we now are offering a new optional procedure. Color your calendar entry blue for an offer to play less than 24 hours away. This entry type will need no reply, you just show up on the Live Server (or whichever chess server you prefer) at the scheduled time. Your calendar entry will serve as an ad to help get serious slow chess players to give you a game. It will be one color for all chess servers, so it will be very important to note on your calendar entry which chess server you will be at ( or ICC, for example). You can use a range of times for this entry type to show that you’ll be on the server and available to play for a given period of time. The Day view of the calendar will be handy to check for when players will be available.

You can find the Game Finder on the menu above under Calendar. Remember that the Game Finder Calendar is for members only and can not be seen by non-members. Registering as a member is free.

This Week’s Games

Now there have been 5,286 games played in our league tournaments. The latest full archive is available to members from Downloads on the menu above. Here are the games from the past week.

Testing Live Chat

chatbubbles (1)

We are testing a live chat system which could be used by TD’s or admins to give live help to members here on our site. Members may sometimes see a bubble for starting a live chat in the lower right hand corner of the screen. As we are only testing, it may not be there at any given time. If you see it there you can initiate a chat by clicking on it. We’d be glad to have a chat to test the system. And of course, we’d be glad to help if you need that too.

Games Played Since the Last Archive

For the latest archive check out Downloads on the menu above (must be a member).

Today’s Games