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Chess9030 Rules

Chess9030 Quads will continue to be organized for ICC play according to the rules previously in effect.

1. Before Joining

Chess9030 is run for the benefit of those players who enjoy long time controls games, who have the time to commit to a 3 – 4 hour game every two weeks, and who have enough free time available to be able to negotiate a playing time reasonably convenient for both you and an opponent half a world away. If this fits you, welcome.

  • All games are played at a time control of 90 30, and could last more than 3 hours. Do you enjoy long games? Can you plan a >3-hour block of time every two weeks?
  • If you do not show up for your game you inconvenience your opponent, who has set aside time out of his week for your game. If your time is very limited, or if you can’t be sure of showing up for your games, please wait to join.
  • Eligibility Requirements: Play a minimum of 20 standard games to establish your rating. Not permitted are designated computer accounts, those who have ever had a (C) or a computer use apology in their finger notes. Chess9030 reserves the right to determine whether or not to admit a player.

2. How to Join a Tournament

Login and fill in the form “Join a Tournament” in the Players Panel. You will be automatically listed in the Waiting List.

As soon as 4 players are available in a section you will receive an email notification when to start. Make sure your email program does not put this mail into your spam folder.

You can participate in as many tournaments as you would like. The only restriction is that you have to fulfill your commitments to play the games as planned in the schedule.

If you are listed in the Waiting List and you think can not wait longer, please use the “Contact” form to ask the Administrator to remove you from the Waiting List. Once the Tournament has started you can not be removed.

3. Tournament Format

Each Tournament is a 4 player “Double Round Robin” system in which each participant plays all others twice. Entrants are arranged into categories according to their Standard rating at the moment they join. Categories are : U1600, U1800, U2000, U2200, A2200.

2 weeks time period is reserved to play each round. All games will be played at a time control of 90 minutes plus 30 second increment per move.

Each win scores one point; each draw scores half a point; each loss scores zero points. The player with the highest score at the end of round six is the Tournament Winner. In the event of ties among players with the same score and same number of games played (counting forfeits), places shall be decided by the following tie-breaks, in the following order:

  1. Forfeits: Fewest number of forfeits.
  2. Direct Encounter: Points gained in games between tied players in previous criteria.
  3. Black Performance: Points gained as Black.
  4. Sonnenborn-Berger: This is calculated by adding scores of the opponents who were beaten by a given player and half the scores of the opponents who he drew with.
  5. Number of Wins: Calculated by adding a point for a win and nothing for a loss or a draw.

If before the end of the tourney players have the same score but a different number of games played, the player with fewer games played will be given precedence.

A tournament shall be immediately closed without a winner if it is clear that less than %50 of the games will be played “normally” (all other being forfeits). The only exception of the no-winner rule is where there is one player who won at least 3 normal games (non-forfeits), in that case he is declared as the winner.

4. Scheduling your game

Sign into the game forum and use the “Submit” button to tell your opponent some times you would like to play your game. If your opponent has already made offers, click “Submit”, and either accept one of his offers, or make offers of your own. The Game Forum is to be used for all communication between players to schedule games. Server tells are not approved ways (unless promptly documented by copying it into the game forum.)

Continue replying promptly, until an agreement is reached. Once agreement is reached, it is a binding agreement, and can not be rescheduled unless both players agree. Use the “Post Agreed Time” button to enter the time.

Two Weeks to Play Each Round

You will schedule and play your games within the 14-day period between Sunday 22:00 ICC and the same time on Sunday two weeks later. (See also Game Adjournments). Players must make an offer within 48 hours from the start of the round (Sunday 22.00 – Tuesday 22.00), delaying longer than 48 hours will be considered partial blame if the game does not get scheduled, also you must reply to your last opponent offer within 48 hours.

  1. Do your best to scheduled your game; in particular, make your first offer as soon as you can, offer as many dates and times to play as possible. If your game does not get played, the TD will evaluate the effort shown by each player in the Game Forum
  2. Promptness. The sooner you make your first offer, and reply to each, the easier it is for both you and your opponent to coordinate this commitment with minimum disruption to home life. Each of these back and forth should be within 48 hours of the previous offer. Delaying longer than 48 hours to reply to a offer leaves your opponent wondering what`s up, and will be considered partial blame if the game does not get scheduled.
  3. Be Specific. You and your opponent are to agree on a specific day and time. A vague “I’m available anytime” is not acceptable. Better: “Can you play any time on Saturday, Sunday, or Monday, from 7.00 a.m. to 7 p.m?”
  4. When replying to your opponent’s suggested times, either accept one of his times, or make your own offers.
  5. If you offer a range of times (e.g. Saturday, 1 pm – 7 pm), your opponent can accept any distinct time within that range (e.g. 5 pm), with the expectation that you will honor it.
  6. Once you have agreed on a time to play, enter the time agreed upon and click the “Post Agreed Time” button

ICC Server Time

The orderly flow of the event depends on everyone knowing ICC server time.

  • Type the command “date” on the server to compare your time to ICC server time.
  • Speak in Server Times. Scheduling is much less confusing if all parties speak only in “server time” in the game forum. It is the player’s responsibility to know the server time.

Preventing Problems

  • Accepting an Offered Game Time with Less than 24 Hours Notice. If your acceptance of an offered time is within 24 hours of that time, your opponent must acnowledge it for it to be binding on him. In other words, a player cannot be “surprised” by a late acceptance. A confirmation post in the game forum is required to be binding.
  • However, if you OFFER a time that is already less than 24 hours away, it is assumed that you are expecting to be available at that time, wheter you acnowledge the acceptance or not.
  • Rescheduling. Once a game time has been offered and accepted, it is considered to be binding on both players. However, up to the end of the 30-minute grace period, a game may be rescheduled if there is both a request and an agreement to rescheduled in the game forum. The opponent may either agree to the request or not, and does not need to give a reason.
  • What if my opponent and I cannot agree on a game time? If no game time has been agreed upon prior to the game completion deadline the TD must adjudicate the game score. Rulings are made at the finish of every round and cannot be appealed. Factors he may consider:
    • Did both players make their first offers within 48 hours upon the start of the round?
    • Did each player offer a wide range of hours?
    • Did one player insist on a very narrow window in which to play? How many days each player rule out?
  • Can we agree to a draw in the game forum? No, you cannot. We have the premise that players join the tournament because they want to play.
  • Sportmanship and Courtesy Required During Negotiations.

5. Playing the Game

  • Show Up at Agreed-Upon Time; 30-Minute Grace Period. Out of consideration for your opponent, do your best to show up at the agreed upon time. However, there is a 30-minute grace period to account for unexpected and unpreventable delays. If after 30-minutes, you have not arrived, you forfeit the game, rescheduling the game is not an option, even if both players want to do so.
  • Challenge your Opponent. type the command: match [your opponent] 90 30 r [your color]
  • Player Conduct. No “moretime”, no takebacks, and no excessive draw requests. No unwanted tells.
  • No Cheating. Use of computers to aid in your play is strictly forbidden. No engines. No books. No databases. No help from another person. Just you, a chess board, and an opponent.
  • Disconnections. Should a player disconnect for more than 15 minutes (or multiple times totaling 30 minutes), the offended player may request a set win. After waiting 15 minutes for your opponent to return, go to the game forum and report the game.

6. After the Game – Reporting the Results.

Inmediately after completion of the game, the winner must go to the game forum and use the “Report” button. Choose one of the following possible results:

  • White Wins
  • Black Wins
  • Draw
  • White No Shows
  • Black No Shows
  • White Disconnected
  • Black Disconnected

In case the game ends in a draw the White player is obliged to do this task.. If your oponent do not show up or disconnect more than 15 minutes (or multiple times totaling 30 minutes) you must go to the game forum and use the “Report” button. Failure to report games will result in a Half-Point Reduction to the incurring player.

7. Adjourned Games

Please try to avoid adjourning games beyond the 2-week alloted for the round, but adjournments are permitted.

  • Agreed-Upon Plan Needed Your opponent is not required to adjourn the game at your request. In order to adjourn your game, both players must have agreed to the adjourment arrangement BEFORE the game completion deadline (Sunday 22.00 ICC). This agreement must include the plan of when the game will be played. Your game forum posts must show this agreement.No further negotiations allowed after the game completion deadline.
  • Adjourned Game Completion Deadline. Adjourned games must be completed by the end of the FOLLOWING round (two additional weeks for the last round).
  • Adjourned games are meant to be a last resort, only after you have made the effort to schedule the game for the regular 2-week.
  • Also you are allowed to play earlier than the regular schedule period. If your opponent is agreeable you can arrange the game before the round. However remember, we must respect everybody’s right not to play more than 1 game in 2 weeks. If you want to play several games per week then it is always possible to join several tournaments.

8.Forfeited Games

Forfeits seriously damage the quality of tournaments and disrupt the fun for the others players, in adition, it is a discourtesy to your opponent who has allocated time to play.

Forfeited games affects your eligibility for future tournaments, no matter the reason. Forfeits include:

  • no-contact
  • no-show (not arriving to play your game within 30 minutes of the agreed game time)
  • greater blame in scheduling (one side did make clearly less effort in scheduling the game)
Penalties will be governed by the following rules:
  1. If a player has three forfeits in a period of four months, (January – April, May – August, September – December), in more than one tournament, he will be suspended for the current, and the next, four month period. All his current games will be forfeit.
  2. If a player has three forfeits in the same tournament, he is prohibited from entering any further tournaments in the current four month period and the following three, four month periods. Effectively that player is suspended for one year

If a player has an history of suspensions, he may entirely be banished from


The Tournament Winner shall be awarded a trophy that will be on permanent display in the Hall of Fame. Additionally he becomes eligible for playing the Match Championship and eventually becoming “Grand Champion of“.

10. Server Commands Needed

  • “/date” to see current server time.
  • “/set noescape 0” Turns off noescape, so that you may resume when you return. Should anyone play with noescape on, and disconnect, the game is a loss for the player who disconnected.
  • “/set formula” Clears out your formula if you have a formula that prevents your opponent from matching you.
  • “/set open 1” Opens you to receive challenges from your opponent.
  • “/set allowkib 2” Convert al kibs in your rated games to whispers.
  • “/match [your opponent] 90 30 r [your color]
  • “/vars” This will show your variables.


This Handbook is loosely based on the Team 45 45 League “Player’s Handbook” and is used with permission.


Enjoy your games!